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We empower you to take control of your health—from the inside out

Stop the cycle of chronic disease—and achieve more

At Real Health MD, we know what it takes to reach a higher state of wellness. With us, you’ll experience a wealth of benefits that will turn what you know about healthcare today on its head.

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Take control

We empower you to get more out of your health with personalized guidance from our experts.

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Reduce prescriptions

Save money by reducing your reliance on prescription medications.

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Be heard

We spend the time to get to know you and your needs, so you’ll feel understood and taken care of.

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Get a personalized health plan with nutritional and lifestyle support tailored to your situation.

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Meet on your terms

We offer appointments in the office and online, so your health can remain a priority no matter how busy you are.

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Optimize your care

See the fruits of your labor—we’ll track your progress and make optimizations collaboratively.

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See Jennifer Simmons, MD, discuss cancer prevention and lowering the risk of breast cancer.


Jennifer Simmons, MD, founder of Real Health MD, was named one of the best integrative and functional medicine doctors in 2019.

I started to work with Dr. Jenn because I am a young breast cancer survivor with 3 small children. I needed to figure out why I am constantly tired and have such a hard time losing weight. After just one visit, she figured out that I have Celiac Disease.

Sarah K — Montgomery County

Dr. Jenn is the first physician I have met/known/consulted with, who listens…who hears…who offers practical advice and doable solutions to help me achieve maximum health, in a way that works for me. She explains, she inspires, she understands, she encourages – without blame or criticism – and she has given me hope that I can beat back my cancer and continue LIVING by following the life plan for food/exercise/sleep we have developed together.

Lee M — West Chester, PA

What I really enjoyed about our meeting is how attentive and accommodating you are. Every question I have is answered thoughtfully and thoroughly. You have inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle and because of that I am finally starting to see major results.

Aryanna P — Gladwyne, PA

My 80 year old mother was struggling with her weight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and daily leg pain for years. In just one month on Dr. Simmons's protocol, my mom's cholesterol decreased by 60 points, her blood pressure normailized, and she lost 10 pounds! It was truly unbelievable how quickly she got my mom results!

Dr. Pamela — Philadelphia, PA

Treatment for my metastatic, stage IV breast cancer left me with sleepless nights, hot flashes galore, desperately trying to regain control… This woman changed my life. I feel amazing. My energy is through the roof. I feel 25 again. My hair is shiny. My nails are shiny. I lost over 10 lbs and I’m happy again!

Krysten G — Garnet Valley, PA